We are ready…

…what’s missing is enough snow! The signs for our cross-country ski trails will be added soon. The new trail device is ready as well. As soon as enough white gold is available, we will immediately start the cross-country skiing.  In addition, we will also produce machine snow and if the temperatures and the ground allow it, we will again create a machine snow track like last year.

There is a common ticket for the trails in Faistenau and Hintersee for the winter 2018/19, also the skating trail in Faistenau direction to Tiefbrunnau will be extended again!

In total, 60 kilometres (30-kilometre skating and 30 kilometres classic) of cross-country ski trails are available in Faistenau. Hintersee has 10 kilometres classic and 2 kilometres skating trails.

If you are looking for Christmas presents- what about a season pass for our cross-country ski trails?
This one is available for €50. Our day pass is €6 and the week pass is €20. On request, we will send them via post. Just send us an E-Mail to: faistenau@fuschlseeregion.com or call us on +43 6226/838441.
If you want to improve your cross-country skiing knowledge, Nordic cross-country skiing Fun is the right choice for you!

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Season ended!

We say thank you for the loyalty and your visit in cross-country village Faistenau! We looking forward to the next winter season, there we will try to ensure the quality of your trails.

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Kugelberg trail & trail in Hintersee prepared

The Kugelberg- & night trail: bramsau field, start at the tennis court parking is still drivable; if it is possible we also prepare it fresh. Today it snows again in the cross-country town Faistenau.

Also the trail in Hintersee is in a good order and will be prepared tomorrow saturday and on sunday. Here you find a 4 km classic trail, start at the village hall.

The ski area Gaissau-Hintersee end the season on sunday, the 25th of March 2018.

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trails are driveable

Now we are only able to prepare the Kugelberg & night trail fresh, till the end of the season, start at the tennis court parking!

The other slopes are still drivable.

At some parts there is less snow, specific at the connecting trail from Faistenau to Tiefbrunnau, during the day the snow is soft, in the morning it could be icy.

In the Tiefbrunnau valley the classic slope is in a good order, start at the play school parking.

We wish a lot of fun!

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Status good

Yesterday in the evening we prepare all our trails new again. In the morning the snow is hard and it could be a little bit icy, during the day the snow is soft. At the crossings and at some parts there is less snow but on the fields it looking good. Today it rains and snows a little bit.

The cross-country skiing conditions are still good in Faistenau, especially till noon time, we’re looking forward to welcome you!



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Trails prepared

Yesterday in the evening we prepared our trails fresh in the cross-country town Faistenau.

Because of the warm temperatures the snow is soft during the day, in the evening it getting cold and it freezes; so in the morning it could be icy!

We are looking forward to your visit!



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Perfect conditons

There are still dreamlike conditions in the cross-country town Faistenau!

It is cold with enough powder snow and all trails were regularly prepared.

On the weekend it will also get warmer again, also the sun should shine almost every day!

So enjoy the days and make your cross-country skiing rounds!



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it snows again

Today we have a little bit snowfall in the cross-country town Faistenau, we prepared the trails fresh in the morning, maybe there is a little bit snow in the slopes.

Currently we have perfect conditions, it is cold and at the powder snow is wonderful for your skis to slide.

We wish you a lot of fun!

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Today the weather spoiled us again with bright sunshine and blue sky!

So put on your cross-country skiing boots and enjoy a day on the trails of Faistenau!

The weather forecast also say that this good conditions should stay so.


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rain & snowfall

Today it snows and rain again!

In the morning we prepare the trails fresh in the cross-country town Faistenau.

Tomorrow sunday we will also make all slopes new again in the morning, depending on the snowfall; at the noon time also the sun should come out!

We wish a happy cross-country weekend!


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