Season ended!

We say thank you for the loyalty and your visit in cross-country village Faistenau! We looking forward to the next winter season, there we will try to ensure the quality of your trails.

The bramsau field is still drivable; also the fields in the Tiefbrunnau valley.

Alternative: In Hintersee there are about 30 cm snow and the classic trail is prepared and in a good order.

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Bramsau field driveable
Ladies skidays 10. – 11.03.17

The bramsau field is still drivable; if it is possible we also prepare it fresh, at last yesterday in the morning. Today it rains so we are not able to make the slopes new.

Also the trail in Hintersee is in a good order and prepared.

The ski area Gaissau-Hintersee end the season on sunday, the 12th of March 2017.

Before there are the Ladies skidays on the 10th & 11th of March, the tickets are reduced and there is a programm at the Latschenalm chairlift.

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Bramsau field prepared again!
Snowtubing open

The skating- & classic trail, each about 1,5 km, on the bramsau field were prepared new again today in the morning. We hope there come a view cm more, so we are able to make the whole net new. If the temperatures are OK, in the evening we prepare the slopes at the bramsau field (included flood lights) again. You can enter this slope through the tennis court, but also the connecting trail from the school sport area is drivable. Have fun!

Alternativ there is a classic cross-country slope in our neighbour town Hintersee, start at the school to enter the trail, there are about 20 centimeter snow.

On the weekend also the snowtubing is open!

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Trails drivable
Trail in Hintersee prepared!

Now we are not able to make our cross-country trails new again. But the slopes are still drivable; the best possibilities are on the free fields: For example bramsau field (red tour 1), start at the tennis court, or in the Tiefbrunnau (green tour 3), start at the Loipenstüberl or play school. So we have to wait again for more snow, then our snow groomer will be on its way again.

Alternativ there is a classic cross-country slope in our neighbour town Hintersee, start at the school to enter the trail, there are about 20 centimeter snow.

& on Sunday, 05. March 2017 there is a Music Skiday in Gaissau-Hintersee!
You hear tradtitinal Austrian music in the lodges.


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Snowless parts
Music skiday 05.03.17

The warm temperatures are not good for our cross-country net, now we have several snowless places. Preferable you go to the Bramsau field or the fields in the Tiefbrunnau, here is the mantle of snow closed. Die skating trails are in a good order; also die classic slopes are driveable. We prepared the last time on friday evening. Please be careful especially downhill and at the street crossings. We will soon take a decision if and how we prepare again.

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Fresh prepared

Yesterday we were able to prepare our whole cross-country trail net new again; it is warm and wet but the snow cover however age well. The wet parts were drive around and we pushed some snow at the snowless parts. The sun shines; so we wish a lot of fun on the cross-country slopes in Faistenau!

Trail status

The warm temperatures and die rain yesterday were not good for our trails.

So please note that we have wet snow, some snowless parts and no ideal cross country conditions.

We hope that the snow will come soon again! At the evening, when the temperatues getting colder, we will also prapere the trails new.

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Light snowfall & rain

The cross-country conditions are still good in the moment, all trails are open and were prepared fresh yesterday in the evening.

The weather forecast predicts a mixed weather for the next few days: Rain, snow and some sunshine. If it is still cold in the night; this should not be a problem for the cross-country slopes.

If it rains we are not able to make the tails new; if it snows we will prepare immediate.


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Status good

Despite the warm temperatures and some rain there are still good conditions in Faistenau. All tracks are prepared; depending on the frequency we will make the trails new again. At some parts the snow is icy or soft, also at the street crossings there is less snow. However on the fields, for example Bramsau and in the Tiefbrunnau, it is fantastic to cross-country ski.

Do you know that our free ski bus is also for the cross-country skiers? Here you find further information.
Till the 19.03.17 you are able to take the bus for free. Beside in the cabin (next to the school entrance) you find also a chancing room, showers and lockers.

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Today it rains

Today most of the time it´s raining in the cross-country village Faistenau. The whole trails were prepared new yesterday. So the trails are in a good order, please note that there are some wet and icy places.

For tomorrow the weather forecasts are better, so we will prepare the slopes again!

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