Short trail drivabele
Good conditions in the Ski area Gaissau-Hintersee

Slowly the last snow melts in our village; about 1 km skating & classic trails are still drivable at the Bramsau field near the Kugelberg hiking path. The better possibility is in our neighbour town Hintersse, start at the school or Kurvenwirt pub, there are a view km classic slope drivable by closed snow cover.

However the course conditions in the ski area Gaissau-Hintersee are good, you are able to drive down till the village. There are also 2 events: A mogul field challenge on 24th of March 2016 and on 27th of March 2016 the Weissenberg- Gusteria Trophy. So take the last chance to go downhill skiing until the season will end on Easter Monday!

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