We are ready…

…what’s missing is enough snow! The signs for our cross-country ski trails will be added soon. The new trail device is ready as well. As soon as enough white gold is available, we will immediately start the cross-country skiing.  In addition, we will also produce machine snow and if the temperatures and the ground allow it, we will again create a machine snow track like last year.

There is a common ticket for the trails in Faistenau and Hintersee for the winter 2018/19, also the skating trail in Faistenau direction to Tiefbrunnau will be extended again!

In total, 60 kilometres (30-kilometre skating and 30 kilometres classic) of cross-country ski trails are available in Faistenau. Hintersee has 10 kilometres classic and 2 kilometres skating trails.

If you are looking for Christmas presents- what about a season pass for our cross-country ski trails?
This one is available for €50. Our day pass is €6 and the week pass is €20. On request, we will send them via post. Just send us an E-Mail to: faistenau@fuschlseeregion.com or call us on +43 6226/838441.
If you want to improve your cross-country skiing knowledge, Nordic cross-country skiing Fun is the right choice for you!

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