Sunshine in the long-run village Faistenau

Now the weather in Faistenau shows its best side – sunshine in the whole long run village.

That´s the ideal starting position to enjoy the day on the trails of Faistenau.
All cross country skiing trails are open and were prepared new today in the morning.

Have a look on our WebCam!

Tipp for non cross country skier: Winter hiking in Faistenau or Snowtubing

We wish a lot of fun!!!

Light snowfall

Today it snows again in the wintervalley Faistenau-Hintersee!

The trails in the village area are prepared. The Tiefbrunnau valley will be open during the day or by tomorrow saturday at the latest.


Today die sun shines in the wintervalley Faistenau-Hintersee!

The trails in the village area are prepared and it is cold.

For the Tiefbrunnau valley we need more time to carry away the snow masses and fallen trees.

We also have not so much parking spaces, so if it is possible use the skibus for free from Salzburg to Faistenau, Nr. 150 + 155.

Wind, rain and snowfall

The village area were prepared in the morning.

The night trail we will make new till the evening.

Unfortunately it started to rain and also today there is mixed weather.

Please notice that the conditions are not the best at the moment, there could be some snow in the slopes and the ground is soft.


Today it snows again and turned sometimes into rain, the trails in the village area are prepared!

Otherwise hold on the the news from yesterday, have fun!

Village trails prepared

Today finally it stops snowing in Faistenau-Hintersee!

During the morning our trails in the villiage area will be prepared new again.

We are not able to prepare the trails in the Tiefbrunnau valley, it would take 1-2 days, so we wait until the snow situation getting better. The weather forecast predicted snowfall again on the weekend.

In Hintersee it is to dangerous to prepare the trails in the moment, because of falling trees. Please note that there are also some street closed.


Update 2 pm.: The trails in the village area are prepared, but please note that there is some snow in the slopes. News from the Tiefbrunnau trail follow.

We are deep in winter and it shoud stay so the whole week!

The trail in Hintersee is prepared!

In Faistenau we have to clear the streets first and carry away the fallen trees.

But during the morning our snow groomer should be on its way to make the trails new again, if they are open we will publish it on this website!

Snow, snow, snow

Today it snows very strong in the cross-country town Faistenau.

The village area we prepared in the morning and we will prepare it again in the afternoon an till the evening.

In the Tiefbrunnau valley we will not make the trails new today, the snowfall is too strong, all trails would be not exist anymore till the snow groomer is back again.

Also in the village area there are no ideal conditions. If the snowfall slackens we will certainly make the whole cross-country trails new again!

Wind & snow

Today it is snowing in the winter valley Faistenau-Hintersee. We prepare the trails in the village new again in the morning, but probably you don´t see them because of the wind and snow.

In the noon time we make the Kugelbergtrail new and again in the evening.

The Tiefbrunnautrail is prepared in the noon time.

When the weather situation getting better, our snow groomer is on it´s way again, to make also two classic slopes again, instead of one.

Trails fresh prepared

We are glad that it snowed again, so today in the morning till noon time our snow groomer makes the whole cross-country trails new again.

In the near future the weather forecast predicts snowfall every day, so please note that there could be snow in the slopes.

As long as it snows constantly we only make one classic trail. On the weekend we will make a double classic trail again. Enjoy the day and go cross-country skiing!