The adventure area with snow-tubing tracks is situated right behind the Tourist Office. There are several perfectly groomed runs each 170m long. Go down lying or sitting and spinning around in the tube. There are more than 70 tubes of different sizes at your disposal. No need to work out, there is a surface lift up the hill, night owls have fun on the illuminated tracks on weekends!

After having the Snowtubing fun- or in between, the nice snack bar offers you hot wine, coffee, cakes and other small dishes. That’s the place where your hands and feet are getting warm again for the next Tubing ride.

Snowtubing Faistenau

Stegleitenstraße 10
A-5324 Faistenau
Phone: +43 (0) 650 / 8929997 or +43 (0) 681 / 81838154

We are ready…

…what’s missing is enough snow! The signs for our cross-country ski trails will be added soon. As soon as enough white gold is available, we will immediately start the cross-country skiing. In addition, we will also produce machine snow and if the temperatures and the ground allow it, we will again create a machine snow track like last year.

There is a common ticket for the trails in Faistenau and Hintersee for the winter 2020/21.

In total, 60 kilometres (30-kilometre skating and 30 kilometres classic) of cross-country ski trails are available in Faistenau. Hintersee has 12 kilometres classic and 8 kilometres skating trails.

If you are looking for Christmas presents- what about a season pass for our cross-country ski trails?
This one is available for €60. Our day pass is €7 and the week pass is €25. On request, we will send them via post. Just send us an E-Mail to: or call us on +43 6226/838441.

If you want to improve your cross-country skiing knowledge, Ski School Nordic Fun is the right choice for you!

Cross-Country Skiing Trails

The 60-kilometre network of cross-country skiing trails in Faistenau comprises perfectly groomed cross-country skiing runs with difficulty levels ranging from easy to intermediate. Your cross-country skiing expedition starts at the sports ground (cross country skiing stadium) in the village. The trail will take you along the edge of the village to the beautiful Tiefbrunnauer Valley. The cross-country skiing runs are located in sunny areas and do not boast major differences in altitude.

In addition to the general cross country skiing runs a special night trail is available. The 5-kilometre Kugelberg Trail comprises a classic cross-country skiing run and a skating trail and is illuminated by floodlights from the onset of dusk until 9pm every day. This trail originates at the sports ground of the local school.

Kugelberg Trail – 5 kilometres – cross-country skiing at night under floodlights
The perfectly groomed classic + skating Kugelberg Trail originates and ends at the school at the centre of the village. With only a few ascents it is perfectly suited for cross-country skiing beginners. The trail is sign posted by red signs and illuminated by floodlights until 9pm every day.
Opportunities to stop for a rest and a meal: Gasthof Alte Post, Bramsau Bräu
Village Trail – 5 kilometres
The perfectly groomed classic + skating cross-country skiing run originates and ends either at the school at the village centre or at the Sport Auer sports outfitters. It is a diverse trail with several exciting ascents. The Village Trail is marked with orange signs and ideally suited for experienced cross-country skiing enthusiasts.
Opportunities to stop for a rest and a meal: Gasthof Botenwirt, Gasthof Alte Post
Tiefbrunnau Trail – 20 kilometres
The classic + skating cross country skiing run, Tiefbrunnau Trail starts and ends either at the school at the village centre or at the parking spaces in Tiefrunnau and is very popular with lovers of nature who want to experience the pristine mountain environment of Austria. It is equally suited for beginners and, due to its length, as endurance training for experienced athletes. This trail is marked by green signs. Beginners we recommend to start at the parking Nr. 3 or 4 in Tiefbrunnau, because here are the trails widely flat.
Opportunities to stop for a rest and a meal: Gasthof Alte Post, Loipenstueberl
Trail in Hintersee – 12 kilometres
The perfectly groomed classic Trail in Hintersee start and ends at the communal centre of the village in Hintersee. With only a few ascents it is perfectly suited for cross-country skiing beginners. There is also a 8 km skating trail in Hintersee near the village hall.
Opportunities to stop for a rest and a meal: Gasthof Hintersee, Alte Kraemerei, Liftstueberl

Cross-country skiing information and rules of conduct

  • Skiers are requested to ski only in the designated direction of the cross-country skiing run
  • In the event of oncoming skiers please move to the left
  • Please overtake slower skiers on the left or right if a clear trail is available
  • Slower skiers are not required to make room for faster skiers (they have the right of way)
  • Skating is only permitted on the skating runs
  • Please adhere to the warning and information signs
  • Please do not litter on the cross-country skiing runs
  • Dogs are not permitted on the cross-country skiing runs
  • Please park only in designated parking areas
  • Access to the cross-country skiing runs is SUBJECT TO A FEE
  • Ticket for one season € 60,- / Ticket for one week € 25,- / Ticket for one day € 7,-
  • The ticket you get in the tourist office in Faistenau or at the starting points of the cross-country skiing runs.
  • Free access to the trail for youths under the age of 15
  • Please carry along the tickets, our staff ask for it
  • Use of the cross-country skiing runs is at your own risk
  • Cross-country skiing bus

Shower facilities, changing rooms, desk to prepare your skis, lockers and toilets are available for all cross-country skiers at the main entrance of the elementary school in Faistenau village centre. Further information

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Numerous tobogganing runs are waiting for you in the close vicinity of Faistenau in Austria. Enjoy a hike for example to a rustic Alpine chalet, treat yourself to a tasty snack, and whizz down to the valley on a toboggan after sampling Austrian specialities. An exciting adventure for the entire family in the Austrian Alps.

There is also a short toboggan track next to the Snowtubing.
If toboggans are needed, please rent at Sport Auer.

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Ski & snow shoe tours

Ski tours and snowshoeing through magical landscapes covered with deep snow is a special experience. The most favourite ski tours in Faistenau are from the valley Tiefbrunnau up to the peaks of Faistenauer Schafberg, Loibersbacher Höhe (New: ski tour educational trail), Zwölferhorn or Pillsteinhöhe.

The exact routes are available for free on our „Winter Map” at your host or in the Tourist office; there you can also inform you about guided tours.

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Season ended!

We say thank you for the loyalty and your visit in cross-country village Faistenau & Hintersee!

We looking forward to the next winter season, there we will try to ensure the quality of your trails.

Update trail Hintersee

The trail in the center, start fire station in Hintersee, is still available.

You can use about 4 km skating & classic trail there.

Uptdate Hintersee

In Hintersee you´ll find about 6 km skating & 8 km classic slopes. Start at the centre parking. Only the last part to the “Lämmerbach” valley is not prepared.

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Storm – Hintersee prepard

Update 12 am:
In Hintersee is the trail driveable again at about 2 pm.
You find about 6 km skating & 8 km classic slopes there, start at the centre parking. Only the last part to the “Lämmerbach” valley is not prepared.

Information 9 am:
Today it is stormy in Faistenau & Hintersee, it snows and the wind blows strong.

We hope that there come a little bit more snow, that we are able to prepare our trails again.

Anyway in Hintersee we will make the cross-country slopes new again, when the storm stops.