We are ready…

…what’s missing is enough snow! The signs for our cross-country ski trails will be added soon. As soon as enough white gold is available, we will immediately start the cross-country skiing. In addition, we will also produce machine snow and if the temperatures and the ground allow it, we will again create a machine snow track like last year.

There is a common ticket for the trails in Faistenau and Hintersee for the winter 2020/21.

In total, 60 kilometres (30-kilometre skating and 30 kilometres classic) of cross-country ski trails are available in Faistenau. Hintersee has 12 kilometres classic and 8 kilometres skating trails.

If you are looking for Christmas presents- what about a season pass for our cross-country ski trails?
This one is available for €60. Our day pass is €7 and the week pass is €25. On request, we will send them via post. Just send us an E-Mail to: faistenau@fuschlseeregion.com or call us on +43 6226/838441.

If you want to improve your cross-country skiing knowledge, Ski School Nordic Fun is the right choice for you!

Season ended!

We say thank you for the loyalty and your visit in cross-country village Faistenau & Hintersee!

We looking forward to the next winter season, there we will try to ensure the quality of your trails.

Update trail Hintersee

The trail in the center, start fire station in Hintersee, is still available.

You can use about 4 km skating & classic trail there.

Uptdate Hintersee

In Hintersee you´ll find about 6 km skating & 8 km classic slopes. Start at the centre parking. Only the last part to the “Lämmerbach” valley is not prepared.

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Storm – Hintersee prepard

Update 12 am:
In Hintersee is the trail driveable again at about 2 pm.
You find about 6 km skating & 8 km classic slopes there, start at the centre parking. Only the last part to the “Lämmerbach” valley is not prepared.

Information 9 am:
Today it is stormy in Faistenau & Hintersee, it snows and the wind blows strong.

We hope that there come a little bit more snow, that we are able to prepare our trails again.

Anyway in Hintersee we will make the cross-country slopes new again, when the storm stops.

Trail in Hintersee prepared

We get a view cm snow again last night, so in Hintersee we were able to prepare the trail again!

You find about 6 km skating & classic slopes there, start at the centre parking. The trail to the “Liftstüberl” restaurant and into the “Lämmerbach” valley is not prepared.

Trail in Hintersee ridable

Loipe in Hintersee - Lämmerbach

Update 24.02.20: It snows again, but today we are not able to make the trails new in Hintersee. The rain from yesterday soaked the ground. If the water leaks we can prepare again.

Information from 23.02.20: Today in the morning we were able to prepare the trail in Hintersee again. Start at the centre parking, you find about 8 km skating & classic slopes, witch goes into the Lämmerbach valley.

Please note that some parts are icy and die snow is soft because of the springlike temperatures, there are also two little places with no now. Today it rains so the conditions are not so good.


Our great team was very busy to activate the artificial snow trail. The trail is ready to use. Have a look at our Webcam.

The trail in hintersee is still open but partway in a bad condition.

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Trail in Hintersee driveable

We are sorry, but the artificial snow trail in Faistenau is closed now, if the temperatures getting cold, we will but some snow on it again.

Better conditions are in Hintersee. The trail from the center into the Lämmerbach valley is still available.