We are ready…

…what’s missing is enough snow! The signs for our cross-country ski trails will be added soon. The new trail device is ready as well. As soon as enough white gold is available, we will immediately start the cross-country skiing. In addition, we will also produce machine snow and if the temperatures and the ground allow it, we will again create a machine snow track like last year.

There is a common ticket for the trails in Faistenau and Hintersee for the winter 2019/20, also the skating trail in Faistenau direction to Tiefbrunnau will be extended again!

In total, 60 kilometres (30-kilometre skating and 30 kilometres classic) of cross-country ski trails are available in Faistenau. Hintersee has 10 kilometres classic and 2 kilometres skating trails.

If you are looking for Christmas presents- what about a season pass for our cross-country ski trails?
This one is available for €60. Our day pass is €7 and the week pass is €25. On request, we will send them via post. Just send us an E-Mail to: faistenau@fuschlseeregion.com or call us on +43 6226/838441.

If you want to improve your cross-country skiing knowledge, Ski School Nordic Fun is the right choice for you!

Cross Country Skiing Faistenau

Faistenau is only 20 kilometres from the city of Mozart, Salzburg. Treat yourself to some relaxation on a picturesque high plateau in a beautiful valley blessed by sunshine far away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The awe-inspiring mountains of the Osterhorn mountain range in Austria are waiting for you.

Sports enthusiasts can look forward to 60-kilometres of perfectly groomed cross-country skiing runs in Faistenau.

Langlaufimpressionen aus Faistenau

Access to the cross-country skiing trails in Faistenau is liable to a fee. Tickets for one season are € 60, tickets for one week are € 25 and tickets for a day are € 7. There is free access to the cross-country skiing trails for young guests under the age of 15. Use of the cross-country skiing trails is at your own risk.

Sufficient parking facilities, changing rooms, showers, toilets and ski rental opportunities are available for cross-country skiers. A very special experience is waiting for you. Set out on a cross-country skiing expedition at night. Sections of the trails are illuminated by floodlights from dusk until 9pm.

Cross country skiing in Faistenau – an unforgettable experience at the heart of the Austrian Alps.

Season ended!

We say thank you for the loyalty and your visit in cross-country village Faistenau!

We looking forward to the next winter season, there we will try to ensure the quality of your trails.

Tiefbrunnau trail prepared

The trail in the Tiefbrunnau valley, start parking Nr. 3 is fresh prepared!

We also will make the trail new at the evening, so that for tomorrow sunday the tracks are prepared for you.

The sun shines, enjoy the springlike conditions, we looking forward to your visit!

Today rain

After die beautiful weekend today it rains a little bin in Faistenau.

All trails are driveable, but we don´t make them new today.

For tomorrow the weather forcast predicted snowfall. So we will prepare tomorrow again the Tiefbrunnau trail, starting at the parking Nr. 3 (near the playschool) as announced.

In Hintersee the cross-country seasen endet on the weekend!

All trails prepared

Today at the evening our snow groomer makes all trails new again! So tomorrow sunday we will have a perfect track!

Till the noon time the conditions would be fine, in the afternoon the snow gets very soft because of the springlike temperatures.

The weather forecast is perfect for the weekend, we looking forward to your visit!

In the village we getting less snow, so we will concentrate us on Monday to the Tiefbrunnau trail. Start at the play school parking Nr. 3. Here we have more snow and only one street crossing and can park our snow groomer there.

Village trails prepared

The trails in the village are prepared. Only the connecting part from the Kubelberg- and nighttrail (about 100 metres) is not new, but driveable.

Into the Tiefbrunnau valley we did not make the tracks new again because of the less snow situation on the way and back. We will check the situation, maybe on the weekend we make the trails new again there.

The Loipenhut restaurant and parking Nr. 4 are closed.

The trail in Hintersee were prepared fresh yesterday evening.

Because of the cross-country ski season is still moving, you can use our free bus transfer till  24.03.19!

trails prepared

Today we prepared a little bit later because of the strong rain, the trails in the village area are prepared.

In the Tiefbrunnau valley we will drive again in the evening, so that for tomorrow we will have a good trail again.

On sunday dreamlike spring weather, come and visit us!

snow & rain

Today we have again a mixed weather situation with some wind, snowfall and rain.

The trails in the village area are prepared, in the Tiefbrunnau valley the slopes are new again at about 10 am.

On the weekend the sun should comes again, we looking forward to your visit!

Technical problem

Update 11.30 am.: The village trails are prepared, in the Tiefbrunnau valley we will drive again tomorrow!

Dear cross-country skiers, today we are not able to offer you a fresh prepared trail, our snow groomer stand still and we wait for the engineer.

We recommend to use the slopes in Hintersee. Our trails are also exist but you have to note that there could be snow in the trails.